Touch Introduces the Golden Ratio and Affiliated Fibonacci Sequence to a Worldwide Audience

Kiefer Sutherlands new series Touch represents several major milestones. Perhaps the biggest is the fact that this is the first time in modern history that the universal code of creation, life, genius and success—The Golden Ratio and affiliated Fibonacci Sequence—is being shared with the world via a popular program. Touch explores the hidden yet in-plain-sight patterns of the Universe, which connect us all, provides clues to our destiny and revolves around the Golden Ratio. This speaks to us at a visceral level, as the Golden Ratio is hardwired into the very structure and movement of matter and all life—including ours.

This groundbreaking series gently introduces the basics of the Fibonacci Sequence and Golden Ratio to the viewing audience at large.  Mathematical concepts are usually not easily accepted by a dumbed down public, but writer Tim Kring ingeniously wove a heartwarming story of a lovable autistic/mute child into the story. What a great way to use psychological conditioning to associate a usually painful subject (math) with something heartwarming and touching. The end result is that the viewer is left with a fascination for the mystical Fibonacci Sequence and Golden Ratio. Sutherland and cast are advancing the group consciousness to a level where cutting edge books like The Divine Code of Da Vinci, Einstein, Fibonacci and YOUThe Millionaire’s Map and the recently released The Golden Ratio Lifestyle Diet can be more seamlessly introduced into the public’s awareness.

The other milestone is of course the return of the multi-talented Kiefer Sutherland to television, after many successful seasons on 24. Kiefer had decided to take a break from the television series world and was only drawn back into a series after reading Touchcreator’s Tim Kring‘s (HeroesCrossing Jordan) masterful script. Kring does a simply amazing job of weaving multiple story lines into a greater whole, which invariably exceeds the sum of its parts and leaves you in a state of wonder and expectation. David MazouzMbatha-Raw and Danny Glover are also pitch-perfect in their roles and a joy to watch along with Kiefer. They make you care and wonder what’s coming next. The emotional connection between Kiefer (as Martin Bohm) and David (as his autistic/gifted son Jake, who cannot be touched and does not speak) is authentic and especially compelling.

The delightful interconnectivity of the plot and people explored in Touch mirrors the infinite interconnectivity in our own lives. This interconnectivity around a universal principle is also a central theme of The Golden Ratio Lifestyle Diet as applied to our health and performance. This comes as no surprise, as the Golden Ratio is woven throughout both. This interconnectivity, this common golden thread of human connection and interconnection points the way to our individual and common higher potential. It also somehow cross-reinforces and inspires the best in us.

Don’t miss it. You can see the original pilot aired in January at this link:

Touch has its worldwide debut tonight on FOX at 9pm EDT.

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