The Millionaires MAP™
is the most powerful prosperity tool
I've yet to encounter in 20 years of studying money and
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Patrick Combs, bestselling author, Major In Success; master speaker, entertainer, storyteller;
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About the Author

Matthew Cross is President of Leadership Alliance, a cutting-edge organization providing breakthrough strategies for growth and transformation. He is a Deming scholar, success catalyst and Hoshin Kanri Strategic Alignment Specialist; Hoshin (Japanese, Inner Compass/Guidance System) is the elite strategic planning/action/achievement system guiding the world’s most successful organizations, such as Hewlett-Packard, Proctor & Gamble, Bank of America and Toyota. Cross consults to Fortune 100 companies and lectures internationally. A dynamic and engaging speaker, Matthew is known for his ability to help people and organizations chart their best path to great success and achievement.

In addition to The Millionaire’s MAP™, other books he has authored include:
The Divine Code of Da Vinci, Fibonacci, Einstein & YOU, The Divine Code Lifestyle Diet, The Divine Code Genius Activation Quote Book(The Divine Code book series co-authored with Robert Friedman, M.D.), The Hoshin Success Compass, Be Your Own President, and The Little Book of Romanian Wisdom (co-authored with Diana Doroftei).

Matthew is also an ancient history explorer and competitive athlete (running and tennis). He has a special interest in Predictive Intelligence, peak performance and the restoration of our innate genius and achievement of our highest potentials. He can be reached at: